Lagserv/TL Hunger Games
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#1 - Lagserv/TL Hunger Games on Sat, Jun 6th, 2015 11:00 AM
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[Image: 1.png]

Let's begin!

The Start
[Image: 1_1.png]
[Image: 1_2.png]
[Image: 1_3.png]

First of all, I just have to commend my mother from taking a mace from Gord, especially considering how badly he looks at his old age. Not too much exciting going on here, however. Socks, Kass, and Bluey are thinking ahead by grabbing some first aid kits, and 9 colour has apparently grown arms and gotten upset with the way my grandfather (poppinator) has treated it over the years ("STOP FIXING THINGS THAT DON'T NEED TO BE FIXED AND RUN SOME GOD DAMN LABELS."), UA (which is surprisingly fitting) has grabbed a bow and arrows. We should also be wary of Cabbykin's spear!

I know what my priorities are. I grab food. Good job, me!

What is perhaps the most interesting is the alliance between Taylor, Michelle, and Ron. That's a bit unexpected!

Note also that colby, despite having that dope ass dragster Fiero, had to run away from the cornucopia. Oh Colby, when will you ever learn?

Day 1
[Image: 2_1.png]
[Image: 2_2.png]
I love how the Chicken Army has camoflauged itself in the bushes! How appropriate!

Poppinator is the first to resort to violence, but luckily our lonely toucan manages to escape. Probably because it can, y'know, fly?

Cabbykin is apparently scary and Michelle injures herself trying to get away! It must be that god damn intimidating beard! Ron, on the other hand, is maintaining his friendly demeanor and helps out my uncle (UA) with his wounds (wounds from WHAT though?!).

Karn and the plate machine kass breaks are together, which isn't at all surprising. Nice to see the two of them working together!

Alex and I have our priorities straight - we need some water damnit.

Peeky attacks Fobies! God, so much aggression! Colby must just not rewind on it the right way!! The other rewinder, Arpy, has been stabbed by Socks with a branch! Probably didn't have enough blades in it and Socks got angry!!!1 cannon shot can be heard in the distance. Socks has drawn first blood, killing the poor rewinder Arpy.

I love that Kass begs for my mom of all people to kill him. She refuses though, which sounds like her.


Night 1
[Image: 3_1.png]
[Image: 3_2.png]
Not a whole lot going on during our first night. Poor Socks, clearly shaken by what he had done the day before, trys singing himself to sleep. Interestingly, we have a massive alliance brewing here. UA, Taylor, the 9 Colour, Michelle, and Aggie (the film processor) all sleep in shifts! Good to see Taylor and Michelle sticking together - this has been the longest lasting alliance so far!

The Plate Machine Kass Breaks didn't like all my bitching about holes in my plates. It destroyed my supplies as revenge :(

Ron, ever the medic, has tended to his own sounds. Cabbykin plays it safe, and Colby refuses to kill the chicken army despite its request.

Frighteningly, Karn now has an explosion in his possession. Oh God...

Day 2
[Image: 4_1.png]
Gord, ever the loner, searches for a water source. Michelle fishes, A Lonely Toucan plays with her bow, and Cabbykin has received medical supplies!

Ron stalks the 8 colour - clearly upset about the amount of tags in that last roll!

Chicken Army, Socks, Bluey, Plate Machine Kass Breaks, and I all hunt for other tributes. Now that's a group not to fuck with!! The scarier group, however, consists of Aggie, Peeky, Taylor, Poppinator, and Karn, who all track down and kill UA, who is our second casualty. Poor UA!!! And by his own father and brother, too! That's just awful.

Fobies sets Alex on fire with a molotov!!! Not sure where he got that! Alex is our third tribute to fall, unfortunately :( COLBY YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE. HE JUST WANTED SOME WATER.

Night 2
[Image: 5_1.png]
In perhaps the most fitting event to occur thus far, Karn tends to the 8 colour's wounds! Bluey thinks about home - taping up those boxes in the trusty hands of Ron, and Socks and Cabbykin team up for the night, as do Ron and Kass.

Gord has finally found friends in the 9 Colour, Michelle, and the Plate Machine Kass Breaks. Chicken Army, Fobies, and Peeky are together as well.

A lonely Toucan and Poppinator apparently have infections, and Aggie cries her poor self to sleep :(

The most tragic event of the night, however, is that my mom can't take it anymore and commits suicide :(

Day 3
[Image: 6_1.png]
Socks fights with the 8 colour and Greg and a lonely toucan have teamed up!

The 9 colour is apparently oblivious to what's going on around it, and decides to pick flowers instead. WTF 9 colour??

In a shocking turn of events, Karn severely injures Poppinator and leaves him to die. And just after they teamed up to kill his brother!! What a fucking monster! He has definitely been the most violent person so far!!

Cabbykin can't handle a life of rewinding and pushes poor Peeky off of a cliff :(

Plate Machine Kass Breaks scares Kass off. Serves him right!!!!!

[Image: sitrep1.png]
Karn so far is our most violent person with 2 kills.

Fobies, Socks, Taylor, Cabbykin, and Aggie are tied with 1 kill a piece.

Night 3
[Image: 7_1.png]
Chicken Army, a lonely Toucan, Taylor and Aggie team up for the night and sleep in shifts. Greg and Ron both receive explosives from sponsors, and Cabbykin weirdly convinces the 9 colour to snuggle with him. That's weird, Cab.

In perhaps the biggest shocker to occur so far, Socks, Bluey, the 8 colour, and Michelle form a suicide pact and kill themselves! D:

Day 4
[Image: 8_1.png]
This is the most uneventful day so far, most of us probably very upset over the mass suicide that occured the night before.

[Image: sitrep2.png]

Night 4
[Image: 9_1.png]
Cabbykin, Karn, Greg, and Ron all have rough nights.

9 Colour has an infection, and unforuntately the Chicken Army succumbs to dystentery :(

Plate Machine Kass Breaks scares Aggie, Taylor, and a Lonely Toucan away from its fire! Impressive work, plate machine!

Kass and I spend the night swapping stories.

Fobies becomes the most violent player in the game, scoring his second kill. WITH A SICKLE, no less! Poor Gord :(

Day 5
[Image: 10_1.png]
I am hearbroken. My own father and Ron teamed up to kill both me and Aggie :(

Cabbykin unfortunately dies from hypothermia - I expected a more dramatic death from you, Cab!!!

[Image: sitrep3.png]
I expected Karn to last close until the end at the very least, but I did not expect him to become the most violent living player with 4 kills! Fobies and Ron are tied for second with 2 kills a piece, and Taylor in third with 1 kill. Greg, Kass, 9 Colour, Plate Machine Kass Breaks, and a Lonely Toucan are all still alive, but have resorted to non violent methods to get there. Good for you guys!

Night 5
[Image: 11_1.png]
Okay I just have to ask... what is it about the 9 colour that is so damn endearing? WHY DOES EVERYONE WANT TO SNUGGLE WITH IT??

Ron and Kass form a truce for the night.

Greg can't handle all the violence anymore and eventually goes mad, decapitating Fobies with a sword! What a way to go! I think Colby has had the coolest death so far. If death can be cool, anyways.

Poor Lonely Toucan accidently detonates a landmine :(

Karn and Plate Machine Kass Breaks swap stories for the night. Probably about that time Kass broke the Plate Machine Kass Breaks and Karn had to fix it!

The cornucopia is replensished with food, supplies, weapons, and memoirs from the tributes' families.

Greg, 9 colour, and Ron decide not to go.

Taylor, Karn, and Kass confront each other, but grab what they want slowly to avoid conflict.

Plate Machine Kass Breaks stuffs a bundle of dry clothing into a backpack before sprinting away.

Day 6
[Image: 12_1.png]
Kass falls from a tree and dies :(

The Plate Machine Kass Breaks spares Karn's life, probably because as a thank you for fixing it!

Ron shows his evil side and steals from Taylor!

And the 9 colour, upset with Greg for choosing the 8 colour over it, throws a knife into Greg's chest and kills him.

At this point, only 5 people remain.
1. Karn - 4 kills
2. Ron - 1 kill
3. Taylor - 1 kill
4. 9 Colour - 1 kill
5. Plate Machine Kass breaks - 0 kills (my favourite to win!)

Night 6
[Image: 13_1.png]
Not too much excitement tonight...

Day 7
[Image: 14_1.png]
Plate Machine Kass Breaks draws its first blood, killing fan favourite Ron with his own weapon!! D:

Karn makes a wooden spear, and Taylor begs for the 9 colour to kill her. The 9 colour refuses.

Night 7
[Image: 15_1.png]
All of the remaining players but Karn discuss the gmae and what might happen in the morning. Well, whatever does happen will be between them - Karn accidently detonates a landmine while trying to arm it. He got what he deserved! THAT MONSTER.

Day 8
Things are really slowing down now... Taylor thinks about home and Plate Machine Kass Breaks and 9 colour hunt for her. 2 machines are still alive!!! DEATH TO HUMANS!!!

Night 8
[Image: 16_1.png]
9 colour receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.

Plate Machine Kass Breaks kills Taylor for her supplies! Sorry Taylor :(

Day 9
[Image: 17_1.png]
Finally, the 9 colour ends the game by stabbing Plate Machine Kass Breaks while her back is turned.

Yes, out of most of the TL employees and lagserv folk, the 9 colour is the mightiest of all.

[Image: placements.png]

[Image: summary.png]

[Image: stats.png]
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this is the best thing on the internet.
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I need more of this.

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